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Hopewell Rocks

The Bay of Fundy, of Atlantic Canada, boasts the highest tides in the world. They can be as great as over 16 meters or 53 feet! Hopewell Rocks, located on the Bay of Fundy, showcase these tidal differences best by clearly showing how the extreme tides have eaten away at the rock over time. Growing up with a natural wonder like this, on your doorstep, you forget how truly amazing it really is. People come from all over to see them.

When the tide is out you can walk along the ocean floor and clearly see how high above your head the daily tides come in.

It's easy to forget how large these rocks are until you're right next to them.

In just a few short hours this entire area will be submerged in 100 billion tons of water!

If you ever visit Atlantic Canada you can experience the difference in tides all along the coast, but if you have the chance to see the Hopewell rocks in person, don't miss your chance. A few actually fell down this past Spring, so who knows how long this wonder will last.

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