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Posing At The Parthenon

A trip to Athens isn't complete without a climb up to the Acropolis. Thankfully we hauled our asses out of bed early and got there just before the crowds (I highly advise doing the same). Also, I realized after the fact I'm pretty much dressed head to toe in Zara. I have to admit though these trousers are life. So airy and super cozy regardless of the summer heat wave that just is Greece weather. My glasses are by Monki... my favorite most recent 12 euro spend. Well almost, the gyro/ greek salad combos might come in first place. Here are a few snaps we took up on the hill. P.S. If you plan to visit here (after years of growing up seeing the Parthenon in textbooks) you'll have to get seriously strategic in your photo taking skills as the whole structure is currently under construction and you'll find it hard to get one shot without a crane. Here's the best we could manage :)

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